We have arrived en France

Well we’ve all made it to France!

After 711 road miles and the sea journey from Rosyth to Zeebrugge, we arrived pretty late last Wednesday night. The Zeebrugge to Gensac leg is not to be recommended without an overnight stop, but with poor Smokey as a long suffering passenger, we pressed on and pretty much fell into bed.

We have been taking a bit of time to rest up and recover from our travels and Smokey has converted his normal indoor day time rest activity to mostly being outdoors (he does seem to require his own chair though).

We have had our first Scottish visitor Gill pop in already, with delightful gifts including two vines to add to our mini orchard.We have already planted out tomatoes in the garden – what a novelty that will be! In Inverness, there were some years we struggled to get them ripe in a greenhouse.

The garden has been been enjoying the rain over the last two days – although we are a trifle jealous given the UK is basking in a heatwave. C’est la vie!

We have a resident hoopoe in the garden – how exotic. G has been trying to get a pic without success. Will keep trying and post one later.

The linen door curtain for my new office is growing slowly and might be finished by the time the desks are delivered on the 15th May.


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