Little England?

I don’t know if you watch Little England? We do, painful though it is. Our life in France ( and not that terribly far from some of the action) bears no resemblance to the programme.

We didn’t come to have a professional ex-pat lifestyle or socialise totally with other Brits. We have French and British friends and do our best to speak the language and integrate into the community as we would anywhere. It is not always easy, but we feel it is our responsibility.

What brought this to mind was the range of nationalities that feature in my French class. Yesterday we had students from Venezuela, Vietnam, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Uzbekistan and Ireland. Only two from England and me flying the Saltire. Nothing at all like the strange world portrayed on the telly.

And I run a global business. Granted on a small scale, but this week I have sent orders to South Africa, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, GB and France. I have personal customers both French and British.

Probably none of this would make ‘good’ telly. And I don’t want to feature anyway!