Sunshine, knitting and cupcakes!

The sun shone and our small select band of dedicated knitters arrived and quickly got busy with the needles and there was lots of chat. Everyone was especially impressed when Norma, started her Chinese Waves dishcloth, as this was the first time she had knitted in 50 years! As the pattern was in English, she was expaining the pattern to our French knitters as she went along. We learned about ‘point de riz’ (moss stitch) and ‘point de ble’ (double moss stitch) from Renée and Francette. Rosemary started a dress for Barbie for her grandaughter.
Sadly missing from the photo, we also had Liz visiting, and checking on progress and Anna, who popped in to say hello and much to Rosemary’s delight, volunteer to help with the flower making next week.
A special thank you to Margaret, who came with a lovely tray of freshly baked and decorated cupcakes. As it quickly became a bit hot for knitting outside, we reteated into the hall for for some cool drinks and cakes. Everyone is keen to set up a more regular knitting/craft get together for the autumn and winter too.

Pentecôte concours de petanque

This is the one day a year that there is a petanque competion in the village held in the school playground. Gary found a partner and took part. He didn’t win – the 30 degree heat and very stange terrain could be to blame!

They did beat this team of very talented little players, who contested every point.

It was very useful for me as one of my friends from the flower making was there along with our new Maire and we got permision to hold a ‘World wide knit in public day’ on the 12th June in the gardens at the back of the Mairie.