Completed Cellini

Yesterday I finished sewing up the Rowan Cellini. It looks a bit big, but it is on the lines of OSKA clothes and looks good on. It hangs well and I am looking forward to wearing it. Of course now it’s finished , the long cold spell we have had has now come to an end and it may be too warm! it has been the coldest winter in France since 1996/97 according to our Meteo service.

Plain Cellini

Top of the list for me from Rowan 33 was the plain Cellini, as I just love Felted Tweed and I couldn’t wait to start it. Although these tunic shaped long line sweaters are on trend this season, I think this will be sufficiently classic to endure for a seaon or two. Gary’s Marion Foale is complete, and very nearly sewn up. It will be part of his Christmas, which will give me the push I need to finish it.