origin’ has arrived

My first small order of the new BERGERE de France origin’ range has arrived. The yarns and very luxurious and the designs are just amazing. The pattern book is so fabulous and will be gracing my coffee table. Anyone who has seen this range has fallen in love with it and I have a customer visiting tomorrow to collect her book and decide what she wants to knit – a difficult decision as there are so many delicious designs.

This cheered me up…

The quest for my official card to sell at markets continues. After waiting for an hour in the queue at the sous prefecture in Libourne – they wanted a piece of paper I didn’t have with me. They never make things easy here.
I was cheered up by the arrival of a promotional package from Bergere de France yeasterday. in fact I can’t stop looking at the contents as they are so gorgeous. They have launced an new lxuxury collection of yarns with a superb collection of patterns. A ball of cashmere for me! I would love to stock this, but need to work out terms. The range is called Origin’ – more about this later.