Organic hand dyed socks

The socks are finished! There was a slight panic near the end of the first one, as I wasn’t sure that I would have enough wool; but a bit of technical weighing on my digital scales of sock and ball, confirmed that I did.
The new project has started – but needs to remain secret…… for now anyway.

Organic merino hand dyed socks

My alpaca slipover is nearly finished and I wound my organic merino sock wool yesterday. It was dyed using logwood and the organic walnuts I gathered at Montbreton. G dropped a hint that he fancied a pair of socks in it – and a little start has been made. This morning was the first day I have been out since our big chill started, but the wool parcels have to go! it is bright and sunny, but it was -5C when we got up.

Dyeing day with Melinda

Yeaterday, I spent a really interesting day with Melinda and two of her friends doing some natural dyeing. It is all very ‘hubble bubble’ and I had to dash off to pick up my Sterling Shopping order and leave Melinda with the cleaning up.. This was my first (not very good) effort, using turmeric and cochineal. Sadly, it is felted. Maybe someone out there will have an idea how to use it – collage anyone?

Swatches, swatches, swatches

Holidays are great, but it has been back to work for me this week with a vengeance.

Two bid orders arrived last week. One from Sirdar and the other contained my organic merino wool and baby alpaca. I needed to do tension swatches for the whole range and prepare sample packs before it goes on the new website. I’m on the last one today, so nearly there… It is sooo lovely!