NORO Cuthbert

‘Cuthbert’ is finished and so are the socks! I have worn the jacket twice this week and have never had so many complements. It is truly lovely – warm and cosy, and you you can dress it up or down. A brilliant easy knit – I’m delighted. Another pair of socks on the way (it is a bit addictive) and a wee surprise for Tracy’s birthday (shh…).

It has been a quiet, cold and dreich weekend at Alba Yarns woolly HQ, and so progress has been made with my ‘Cuthbert’ NORO jacket. There is something quite satifying about the winding of hanks of wool and my trusty Aero wool winder (see other pic)has been once again pressed into service.
The other exciting happening for us yarn lovers is that I am heading to Birmingham on 19th January for the big trade fair – Craft Hobby and Stitch. Reports will follow!