origin’ has arrived

My first small order of the new BERGERE de France origin’ range has arrived. The yarns and very luxurious and the designs are just amazing. The pattern book is so fabulous and will be gracing my coffee table. Anyone who has seen this range has fallen in love with it and I have a customer visiting tomorrow to collect her book and decide what she wants to knit – a difficult decision as there are so many delicious designs.

I love deliveries

I have two orders expected this week. Today, the Bergere de France order arrived, while I was at La Poste with my parcels. A wasted journey as it turned out as it was closed with a sign on the door – ‘greve’ (strike). Bah humbug!!!
All systems go on my return to get the new stock photographed and on the website as soon as possible. There are two new magazines 149 and 150; the first for kids and the second for all the family. I am so tempted to keep the yarn that arrived for me (Teddy and Eclair) for the pattern featured in VOGUE knitting, but I’m not even halfway through the Christmas sweater…..

The second delivery arrived at lunchtime and it’s been all systems go to bet it all checked and photographed. The King Cole yarns are for the value range and we will be taking these on our market trips. We’re hoping to get to the market in Eymet on Thursday.

This cheered me up…

The quest for my official card to sell at markets continues. After waiting for an hour in the queue at the sous prefecture in Libourne – they wanted a piece of paper I didn’t have with me. They never make things easy here.
I was cheered up by the arrival of a promotional package from Bergere de France yeasterday. in fact I can’t stop looking at the contents as they are so gorgeous. They have launced an new lxuxury collection of yarns with a superb collection of patterns. A ball of cashmere for me! I would love to stock this, but need to work out terms. The range is called Origin’ – more about this later.

Bergere bolero

The sun is shining today, after a miserable, wet and cold Easter weekend. So I completed the sewing up of my bolero outside. It is worked in Cotton 50 from the Bergere 08/09 Collection. Fewer problems to report than with the jacket, thank goodness, although you need to keep your wits about you with the shaping of the fronts with the increases at both edges. There was quite a bit of late night ripping back, but at least the fronts are little. I also knitted on the front band with a cicular needle, as I’m not too keen on sewing bands on – the finish is never as neat. Very pleased with this cute little garment and think it will be practical too.

Bergere 3/4 sleeve jacket

This has been on Tracy’s wish list since the 08/09 Bergere collection came out. It’s time has come in the knit list! A very different sort of construction this – as you will see from the pic it looks rather odd. I’m nearly finished the fancy yoke bit and then it is on the picking up and knitting up to the neck… It will make sense in the end, I promise.

BERGERE cropped jacket

Since my last postings, I have been playing catch up after the works. The cleaning seemed to go on and on and on… Dust is still appearing and will be for some time.

This Berger cropped jacket has been finished for some time, but I wasn’t too sure about it. However, I wore it this week and a number of people said how much they liked it.

The colour is lovely, but I have found it tricky to match. I thought it would go with blue, but it doesn’t somehow; works with black and will maybe work with white too.

The weather somehow is not quite up to wearing white – ‘c’est bizarre’ as they say round here. lots of rain, sunny intervals and not all that warm either.

Fortunately, it was quite kind to us on Thursday and Friday for our visitors from Skye. It was very enjoyable having a Scottish blether.

BERGERE de France ‘Getaway jacket’

Another pic.. It is still very busy round here – the work on the house is very nearly finished, and we have had the delight on no workmen this afternoon. I escaped to the garden centre and got some more plants to finish off my pots. I finished off my hanging baskets last week and they look as if they’ve settled well – interested to note that in French they call them ‘corbeilles anglais’ (English baskets). All we need is some good weather to get them going; it’s still pretty changable.