Some progress on the ultimate challenge!

Since starting this project, it has been up and down like a yo-yo. I have discovered a further reason for my troubles with the pattern. I was working from the single pattern, which has the pattern chart printed in black and white, whereas in the magazine the chart is printed in colour – quite a bit of the code, printed in colour has disappeared when reprinted in black and white. So it has turned out to be a bit like doing a crossword puzzle while knitting.

Determination has set in and this picture shows one complete pattern repeat. Not for the faint hearted this one! Although it is gorgeous and the yarn is lovely to work with.


New project Bergere 184.41

After planting out the geraniums (the water retaining granules arrived from the UK – impossible to find here!!)I spent the rest of the afternoon ‘alfresco’ knitting, trying to set the pattern row on my latest projcect and get the hang of it. I tried three times and it still wouldn’t work out; and discovered there was an error in the pattern. I will contact Bergere and have put a note on the Ravelry database.

I know pattern errors are inevitable, but sadly Bergere seem to make more than most. Maybe the translating doesn’t help?

So got it to work finally and we’re off!