Marche de Noel, Le Fleix

It has been quite a while since I have ‘done’ a French market. So there was quite a bit of hunting around for the bits a pieces for the stand, which I found had been stored mostly in what we call the ‘big barn’. This in turn led to quite a lot of cleaning and washing of an accumulation of two years grime. Finally, everything was collected up and I was ready to go.

We had been told to arrive at 8 am an hour ahead of the official opening time. After a week of frosty mornings, it was disapointing to have rain, but we ran in quickly with our boxes. It was a really lovely venue – part of the Mairie in Le Fleix and we were in a small hall with 3 other stands. The market was well organised and there were super crowds, both morning and afternoon.

I was sorry to have missed a very good online customer who had arranged to collect an order, when I went home to have a plate of soup and thaw out. However G had a good blether with her and I’m sure we will meet another time.

My other customers of note were a lovely couple who have a herd of alpacas, somewhere near Montpon.

This week I will be at the Christmas market at Pineuilh, both Saturday afternoon and Sunday. In the meantime, I need to translate some knitting instructions for a scarf into French and do my own Christmas cards (should have taken them to the market….;-( !)



2 thoughts on “Marche de Noel, Le Fleix

  1. I get by in French, but far from fluent. Had to do quite a bit of knitty talk in French on Sunday, hence trying the written approach this week. Christmas cards are such a pain…..

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