I love working from home, but it can be tricky getting through the to do list. There is just so much scope to get involved in other things that are more enjoyable. All the important things always get done, like processing orders and going to La Poste, it’s the less attractive things that I don’t always manage. And French homework..

I have noticed more and more that the page gets turned in my ‘to do’ book and there are a few things still lurking there. Not being around much last week, and with the hospital ordeal over, this seemed like a good week to get up to date. The customer database was brought up to date, other bits of website maintenance and a number of French phone calls made (they rank along with French homework). French homework is started too, and I am actually quite enjoying it. It is a children’s book called Histoire d’une muette et du chat qui lui apprit a voler. (Story of a seagull and a cat who teaches him to fly).

Anyway, no problem with the first telephone call and I am now booked into the Marche de Noel at Le Fleix 33220 on 2 December. I hope also to do the Marche de Noel at Pineilh, but that has involved a lot of French beurocracy. I must write to the Comite des Fetes to explain what I do, before they will send me a form to apply for a place. This is a wee Christmas fair in a suburban village hall! Very little is ever straighforward here.

I have also been busy looking out baskets and things for the stand and have been working on some more kniited gems.

My picture this week is of my gorgeous amaryllis. No procrastination here. From dry bulb to this in three weeks is impressive!



1 thought on “Procrastination

  1. Don’t believe for a moment you leave anything off your ‘to do’ list! But if it makes you feel any better, I once suggested that the collective nouns for writers should be a procrastination.

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