A chilly Easter weekend

It’s my fault! After gloating about the warm weather last week, we saw a return to near wintry conditions. Of course, nowhere as bad as Britain. I was especially sorry for Aboyne – the hottest place one week and thick with snow the next.

This Easter weekend promises to be a little warmer, and might stay dry! Good Friday is not a public holiday in France, only Easter Monday.

Every cloud has a silver lining and sales have been better this week, and I was very pleased to help another customer from Paris.a

I have spent a lot of time this week trying to fix a problem with my website. Lots of text just disappeared from the front page. Fortunately it did not affect the shop part of the site. No use trying to shift the blame, I am the only one who works on it. After spending a lot of time looking for the problem and on the software support forums, I gave in and emailed the software manufacturer. I still don’t know what I did, but it is now fixed – hurrah!

Today, Easter Monday, I am a petanque widow, which has spurred me on to finish one of my projects. I always put off the sewing up, but at last it is finished. Worked in Sirdar Flirt yarn – which is lovely and much nicer than its name – this will be a useful item for my spring wardrobe. The pattern is 9413.



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