A little visitor

No lie in for us today – Smokey needs his breafast as usual. Gary was busy opening up the shutters when he spotted this little chap running very nimbly horizontally along the top wall of our covered terrace. As bold as brass! We thought at first he was a young squirel, but having checked our book he is a garden dormouse. I wonder if he’s the one who’s being nibbling my figs just when they ripen?


1 thought on “A little visitor

  1. Looks like you had a good street party Joyce! Nice photo of the Dormouse – we have a similar photo lined up for our next blog. Came across an NHS leaflet (Voice?) sent to a chap I support with your name on it. I thought, "Hello – I know that name!" Shows NHS is saving money by still using the leaflets. With that and G's smiling features still adorning Academy Street, you are both over there in body but here in spirit! Pansy sends her love to Smokey by the way. Take care both. Robbie & Shirley.

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