This time last week, we were whizzing to Paris on the TGV and then on to Versailles. The rain was lashing down when we left Libourne, but things gradually brightened up as we sped northwards, and the sun came out, although the wind was still cold.
The queue to get in the Chateau was quite astounding, but it is well worth the wait. Although we were surprised how little protection is given to the fabric of the building from the thousands of visitors. The gardens too, were on a scale hard to describe, and we would have loved more time to explore further.
Already it seems a bit like a dream…

1 thought on “Versailles

  1. Hi Joyce, Brings back memories of 40 yrs ago. We had our honeymoon in Paris and went to Versailles for a trip. We still have the photo taken in front of that magnificent palace, freezing cold in December, coats on, collars up – just like your trip eh? Take care. Shirley & Robbie

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