Summer is here (for this week anyway)

This is the finished white summer cardi; which G photographed today as it is such a lovely day. Actually a bit hot at 25 degrees I’m not quite used to that yet…

So I’ve retreated inside for a bit of cool.
Pleased with this cardi though, and it will be a very useful addition to the summer wardrobe. (I know it will spent a lot of time in the washing machine šŸ™‚ )!
The Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton lives up to it’s name and is gorgeous next to your skin.

One thought on “Summer is here (for this week anyway)

  1. Hi Joyce, Jealous of your 25 Degrees – we've got the original '3 degrees' here! Ice on the boys' water troughs again this morning and a dusting of snow on the Ben. Ho Hum – all we need now is a cloud of volcanic dust………. G will be pleased with recent Ross Co and Caley scores and successes I think. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

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