Summer is here (for this week anyway)

This is the finished white summer cardi; which G photographed today as it is such a lovely day. Actually a bit hot at 25 degrees I’m not quite used to that yet…

So I’ve retreated inside for a bit of cool.
Pleased with this cardi though, and it will be a very useful addition to the summer wardrobe. (I know it will spent a lot of time in the washing machine šŸ™‚ )!
The Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton lives up to it’s name and is gorgeous next to your skin.

1 thought on “Summer is here (for this week anyway)

  1. Hi Joyce, Jealous of your 25 Degrees – we've got the original '3 degrees' here! Ice on the boys' water troughs again this morning and a dusting of snow on the Ben. Ho Hum – all we need now is a cloud of volcanic dust………. G will be pleased with recent Ross Co and Caley scores and successes I think. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

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