Sale of chicks

Robbie and Shirley, you would have loved this! Last Sunday we had lots of specialist breeders selling chickens and ducks in the village hall. This lovely hen was a surrogate mum to a family of ducklings.
During the week I have been working on an upgrade to Alba Yarns website, which has tested my grey matter considerably and I spent most of the week on the phone to the software helpline or on the Actinic forum. I have made progress, but the very latest vesrion of the Actinic software is due out within a couple of weeks, so I’m not doing a lot more ’til then. With apologies to anyone who tried to access the site during the week, as there was a bit of inevitable down time.

1 thought on “Sale of chicks

  1. Hi Joyce, Lovely hen – they don't breed them like that in Fassock! Good luck with the new web site.Sunny day here but more snow on the hills overnight. Regards to G. Shirley & Robbie

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