Trip to the city

For the past few months my trusty knitting lamp has been on the blink. It has been taken apart and re-assembled which helped for a short time, but at Christmas it stopped working altogether. So a trip to IKEA in Bordeaux was needed to find a new one.
It has been ages since we were in Bordeaux and I had a long list of spices needed from Eurasie and Smokey needed new supplies of cat food from Animalis. It proved a good day to go as the shops were pretty quiet, this being the day before the sale starts.
The lamp is not quite as posh as my last one, which came from John Lewis, but it will do the job. Eurasie never ceases to amaze with their selection of spices and exotic vegetables; thank goodness I went with list as it is all so tempting. My only disappointment was the menu du jour at Alice, I didn’t fancy the sausages, so it was back to IKEA for a quick lunch and home.
It has turned very cold again and the temperature has stuggled to get much above freezing.
We were so busy this afternoon trying to get ready for the sale and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing and the doorbell too. Normally life is so quiet here…


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