Christmas cooking

Yesterday we were back in Libourne to collect my permanent card which gives me permission to sell at markets – only around half an hour to wait this time. Then a bit of pre Christmas shopping and we popped in the the Comptoir de St Genès for lunch on the way home.

The weather has changed to pretty miserable rain; no petanque, so someone will be still crazy pretty soon.. I’ve spent all week looking for quail’s eggs (I know this sounds trivial), and normally they’re easy to get here, but they must have gone off the lay as none to be found. I wanted them for my Boxing Day starter (bah humbug). Trying Delia’s fallen chocolate soufflé with Armagnac prunes – it’s in the oven just now and house smells V chocolately. We’re on our own Christmas Day but we’re having our friend Margaret on Boxing Day (hence the quail quest.. and cake cooking.)

Not sorry to be missing the shopping madness in the UK, very little hype here and although a little busier than normal, very civilised.

PS The soufflé has souffléd! I’m off to watch it fall….


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