Marché de Noël, Eymet

This week we had our office Christmas party. Because we don’t have any co-workers, we went with Liz, Taso and Margaret to make it a bit more fun. We had a tip about a relatively new restaurant at St Genès de Castillon, Le Comptoir de Genès and we were not disappointed. A very refreshing and modern take on eating out in this area – the tables are set in between the cases of wine for sale. There is a menu at 14 euros, which includes a glass of wine which is great value. We all plumped for the a la carte as it was a special occasion and were delighted. The wine is at chateau prices, plus 6 euros corkage which is pretty reasonable. We would love to fit in a nother visit before they close on 31 December, so fingers crossed…

How cold can you be! Well, VERY. It was -4 C when we set off for Eymet yesterday morning and really never got above freezing (lots of fun for the kids; they were sliding on the ice and practising their moonwalking). We were pitched in the square, in front of Santa’s cabin, instead of under the arcades where we expected and had not taken our new tent with us. In some ways, it was better as we tried to follow the sun round the square to thaw out slightly, but my nose and toes did not thaw out until we got home. The morning was quite busy, but in the afternoon most people were just out for a stroll and a chat. G says it his last market – we’ll see…

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