Bergere 125.86 – the woolly jigsaw puzzle

I want to rename the three quarter sleeve jacket the jigsaw puzzle jacket. The knitting went like a dream and after blocking it I settled down one afternoon last week for the sewing up. It made no sense at all. The two sleeves were knitted as ‘opposites’ and there was only one tiny bit of raglan to attach to backs or fronts. I had two customers visiting that afternoon and neither of them had any ideas either. So, I put it all away in a bit of a huff a whole afternoon with one side seam to show for my efforts.

The next day I thought I would search the internet to see if anyone else had reported a problem and it did look as though there were some French comments. And lo and behold there was an amendment to the pattern! The sleeves should be both the same and both have the little raglan bits – it made a lot more sense now.

[Link below for amendment – I hope this might save someone else some pain.]

Nothing else for it but take them back to the armhole and knit them up again. Hey ho…

Right, start again. All side and sleeve seams joined and then the little raglans. At this point I was a tad nervous about adding the yoke section as it looked a very tricky task. I was also not sure what stitch to use to join the two parts. In the end I did it with mattress stitch, even though one side is knitted vertically and one is horizontal. Just take care not to pull your stitches too tight.

Et voila – the puzzle is finished. And ready in time for Tracy’s birthday on 8th March. It is gorgeous and has been worth the pain. Although, I have to confess in all my years of knitting this is the first mistake I have encountered.

PS My other top tips are to pick up and knit the cuffs rather than sew them on and to finish knitting the rib part of the yoke to the cable section before sewing them together.


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