BERGERE cropped jacket

Since my last postings, I have been playing catch up after the works. The cleaning seemed to go on and on and on… Dust is still appearing and will be for some time.

This Berger cropped jacket has been finished for some time, but I wasn’t too sure about it. However, I wore it this week and a number of people said how much they liked it.

The colour is lovely, but I have found it tricky to match. I thought it would go with blue, but it doesn’t somehow; works with black and will maybe work with white too.

The weather somehow is not quite up to wearing white – ‘c’est bizarre’ as they say round here. lots of rain, sunny intervals and not all that warm either.

Fortunately, it was quite kind to us on Thursday and Friday for our visitors from Skye. It was very enjoyable having a Scottish blether.


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