Jaeger ‘Maddox’ jacket

Finished at last! This was a very pleasant and fast knit; but the sewing up seemed to take ages. Not helped by the continuing building work and very little peace to work at it during the day. It is still a little cool here yet, so I think Maddox will have a few outings in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Jaeger ‘Maddox’ jacket

  1. I love the Maddox jacket Joyce, you are very talented and must be thrilled to bits with all your hard work.My name is SarahJane, and as a fellow “knitter” I really appreciate just how much love, hard work and time goes into adult garments as I handknit for babies and children only!I was chatting to a lady in a cafe today (as we do), and she introduced me to Designer Yarns, and throught them I found Alba Yarns, and subsequently your blog.It’s so nice to hear and speak to people who are like minded, and I wish you lots of luck with your beautiful work. If you have time or are interesting in chatting, my email is sj@littlejumper.com, or you can catch my blog too on http://www.littlejumper.com/blog. SJxx

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comments on my knitting! I love knitting ‘little things’ too but don’t get the opportunity too often – the patterns and colours are so lovely. I’m a very poor and irregular blogger I’m afraid, as there is always so much else to do – but you’re reminded me I need to post my latest production…. Will take a peek at you blog later and thanks for taking the time to get in touch, Joyce.

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