More Bergere…..

I finished this pretty little cardigan in time for Tracy’s birthday at the beginning of March. Didn’t want to post it then as she might have been ‘peeking’! This is pattern 120.33

in Flamme Lin.


2 thoughts on “More Bergere…..

  1. re Bergere pattern 120.33 – I can't figure this pattern out? My pattern doesn't give a key to abbreviations, so I assume SSK is slip stitch knitwise, but even so I end up with far too many stitches on Row 7, with "yfwd,K1" at the end of each repeat, with no corresponding K2 tog to reduce again. And on Row 5, why does it tell me to bring wool forward just before a purl stitch, for which the wool has to be forward anyway? I must have tried it a dozen times, and it's driving me mad! Any help or advice much appreciated!

  2. (embarrassed cough)er…it's okay; I realised I must be misinterpreting the abbreviations so went on a very helpful website which showed me where I was going wrong…I should have been knitting the slip stitches together. All is explained.

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