Tres jolie!

I have been a bit of of a knitting traitor and the black tank top has been laid aside while I did this quick crochet cardigan in Rowan 4ply from a Sirdar pattern. it was meant to have a crochet flower on – but I have skipped that. Keep things simple! I have a pair of well loved linen trousers in the same shade and I think with a contrasting cami this will look rather good.

Mind you the weather here has been pretty cool, wet and blustery til recently and I have been indoors a lot trying to get the website functioning again.

There is also a plum glut to deal with (not our tree – too young) but at a friend’s house. I have made a plum sauce which is great to cook or serve with duck apparently. Next week the Mirabelles will be ready – they will be for bottling I think.

Our veggies are coming on a treat. The Monty Don report this week:

Radishes (3rd lot)
Salad leaves (3rd lot)
First tomato today
Baby cucumbers
Baby melons
Baby aubergine
Chilli ripening
Picked two lots of beans (some French/some young haricots)
Figs formed
One lot of grapes formed…..

My first wool sales came in this week. So pleased! And I got a ‘parfait’ on Friday from Madame in La Poste for my labelling and packing – a gold star equivalent!


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