Am I bovvered????????

Why am I not more like Smokey? Master of relaxation.

Getting the business set up has been a trial. Determination has seen us through the notorious French beaurocracy; can anyone tell me why the Chambre de Commerce insisted on a marriage certificate issued in the last 3 months before I can register Alba Yarns? Someone must know. £23 later and a what is to me a useless document, it is done. And C’est la vie Francais. Dinnae let it get yee doon as Oor Willie would say….

The website has also been taxing my grey matter, trying to find what should be an easy way to convert to Euros proved tricky (Isabel where are you?), however cracked it I think and now need to sort out postage. And why did the bank print my maiden name on my business account despite being told not to. Another visit there needed. As a further test of the slumbering grey matter I have listed a few things on Ebay in France. I feel a need to sell some wool……..

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