Le bouchon!

Le bouchon is a cork or blockage in France, and for one reason and another that is what happened to my good intentions for keeping the blog up to date. I am quite shocked my last post was early May; I have some excuses…………….

First there was the IT and telephone changover to a new provider. (Always a challenge to one’s French!) However between us we cracked that, and also manged to set up new mobile phone accounts too. That was about 4 days work…. and two of them with no phone.

The set up of the office took more than a month, as IKEA took all that time to deliver the desks. All present and correct and looking quite efficient now.

And poor Smokey has had a brush with French vetinary science with a ‘peepee problem’. He has been a good patient and is now well through his course of antibiotics – less impressed by the special diet food he must take and ‘rien autre!’ for 3 months.

Storage for clothes, has also been a challenge and one week was spent buiding and filling a run of wardrobes. They hold a vast amount and have lots of lovely drawers and shelves.

The grand ‘abris de jardin’ is nearly finished today. We spent the morning seasrching for the right felt, nails and and replacement glass. (We got a great deal on it, but of course it needed dismantling and re-assembling). Once the shed is completed a huge clearout of the garage will take place and wool stocks will reappear.

In the meantime the linen door cutain was completed (useful work during many trips to Bordeaux) and the white Sirdar Just Bamboo top. Very pleased with this and hope to give it an outing this week, as the weather has improved.

Another cabled tank top has been started for Tracy in Rowan Yarns Classic Silk and Wool; trick to work as it is black, which is always difficult, but it is very lovely to work with like knitting with smooth dark chocolate…..


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