I’m on holiday!

Freedom from the day job (never from wool)- until 21st March – using up the rest of my leave due. Had intended doing so much today, but the Tesco run took ages ‘cos I met two friends and it was lunchtime by the the time I got back.

Sorting out the new books which I ordered at the NEC has taken ages – but have got them all prepared now for sale. Because I have had some peace and quiet to do a bit of web surfing today I have discovered Crafty Threads ‘n Yarns and joined the blogring – how do you folks find any time to do crafts? Do you blog and craft at the same time?

I had a call from the Lana Grossa rep today, who will look in the next time she is in Inverness. Any thoughts on Lana Grossa folks? I like the sock wool but haven’t tried anything else.


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