NORO Cuthbert

‘Cuthbert’ is finished and so are the socks! I have worn the jacket twice this week and have never had so many complements. It is truly lovely – warm and cosy, and you you can dress it up or down. A brilliant easy knit – I’m delighted. Another pair of socks on the way (it is a bit addictive) and a wee surprise for Tracy’s birthday (shh…).

5 thoughts on “NORO Cuthbert

  1. That is very nice, I have to say. How do you find knitting with Noro? I’m just a little cautious at the moment as it felts so easily. Have you noticed it “bloom” or pill as you’ve been wearing it? Or is that part of it’s charm?

  2. The angora factor is inevitable, especially wearing with black or chocolate – I guess we have to live with that. I haven’t noticed any regular pilling yet I have to say. One of my friends appeared today in another Noro creation in Silver Thaw (her second purchase). The Noro colours are so brilliant. I will ask her if she’s had any problems and report back.

  3. Hi found your blog while buying on ebay, that is a lovely jacket, I am not a real wool person as I just wouldn’t be able to look after it and as I mainly knit for kids I don’t think it would last and the money it would have cost to make would make me cry, but I do really like that Jacket so you never know, and I will also know where to look to buy some,lol.

  4. My Cuthbert took six 100g hanks of Kochoran (it said seven in the pattern) but I just made it with none left over. The pattern is from the Noro Unlimited book by Jane Ellison.I did the large size (I am a pretty standard 14) and I think this would fit you too Gilrean.

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