A France!

  1. Up at 4.45 is not the best start to the day, especially when it is blowing a gale and only 2 degrees c. Arriving at 17.00 in Bordeaux after the long wait at Gatwick (thank goodness for knitting to fill some time) we arrive to a calm 16 degrees – it is another world. We do a quick shop, get unloaded have a quick and simple dinner and off to bed, pretty exhausted.

    Wake up refreshed today and see how things look in the daylight; the garden is pretty tidy and all is quiet and calm here on a Sunday morning. There has been a little rain, but is has now brightened up.

    After lunch we do a wee tidy in the garden, cut back the roses and top up the bed with bark. Our pots are looking sad and these are emptied out on the compost heap. Our neighbours say hello and explain there was a really hard frost a month ago – all the laurels were bent over with it. Madame hands over two freshly cooked crepes over the fence – how kind folk are here.


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